ISBN 9781784884338, 1784884332
Hardcover | 176 pages


A modern guide to fuss-free sweet and savory bakes

From the bestselling author of Tin Can Magic, Lazy Baking is a fuss-free time-saving baking cookbook for any time of the day.


Think one-cup pancakes for breakfast, sausage rolls for lunch, grapefruit drizzle loaf to fix that afternoon craving, and impressive baked crispbreads for wine.

There are also plenty of tips scattered throughout, including ideas of what ingredients can be substituted or how to fix issues that might occur.


This recipe book is perfect for anyone looking to whip up modern and fresh treats, which are both foolproof and rewarding, and guaranteed to impress thanks to all the clever, useful hacks.

Lazy Baking: Really Easy Sweet and Savoury Bakes by Jessica Elliott Dennison

SKU: 9781784884338