ISBN 9781492673026, 1492673021
Hardcover | 512 pages

This is the absolutely true story of how Lansburg, Pennsylvania, was invaded by aliens. None of this story is false. At least…not according to Gideon Hofstadt.

Last fall, Lansburg, Pennsylvania, was invaded. Weeks of chaos followed. There were sightings of UFOs, close encounters, and even abductions. There were believers, Truth Seekers, and above all, people who looked to the sky and hoped for more. Only…there were no aliens.

Gideon Hofstadt knows the truth; after one of his science experiments went wrong, Gideon and his older brother blamed the resulting explosion on extraterrestrial activity. To their surprise, their lie was not only believed by the town…it was embraced.

As the brothers go to increasingly greater lengths to keep up the ruse to avoid getting caught, the hoax flourishes. But Gideon's obsession with their tale threatens his whole world. Can he find a way to banish the aliens before Lansburg, and his life, are changed forever?

It Came from the Sky by Chelsea Sedoti

SKU: 9781492673026