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Lawrence, Briana


ISBN 9781524880705, 1524880701
Trade Paperback | 304 pages

Four preteens receive mysterious enamel pins that grant them superpowers. Together, they must put aside their differences and embark on an epic journey to find the mysterious pinmaker, discover the truth behind the new theme park, and of course, trade pins—all while learning how to navigate their new superhuman skills. This is an all-new illustrated adventure series that's about magic, friendship, queer identity, collecting, and tons of fun!

Four kids. Four pins. Four superpowers. One dark secret.

Angela, Sophie, Travis, and Skylar are four normal middle schoolers. Angela and her dad just moved in with her future stepmom, but the wealthy neighborhood is not what's she used to, and relations with the future stepmom are tough. Sophie lives in the shadow of her twin sister, Becca, and wants to find her own identity. Travis is his track team's star, but he's starting to think that video game coding (and his best friend) might be a LOT more interesting. Skylar is trying to help their family make ends meet . . . but sometimes, they're stretched too thin.

After a mysterious explosion in the night, each of the four kids receives a limited-edition fantasy enamel pin. What's more, it gives them superpowers! As the new friends work together to figure out where the pins came from and untangle their own lives, they discover a secret at the nearby theme park that might not be so fun after all.

In Search of Superpowers is the first in an all-new adventure series, Fantasy Pin World Adventures. It's perfect for fans of Amari and the Night Brothers, The Marvellers, and of course, enamel pin collectors.

In Search of Superpowers: A Fantasy Pin World Adventure (Paperback)

SKU: 9781524880705

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