ISBN 9780593185872, 0593185870
Trade Paperback | 144 pages

From one of the most-viewed spoken word poets of all time, a poetry collection exploring themes of loneliness, anxiety and longing, while also celebrating the gifts that come with being alone—the chance to live on your own terms, to learn to love yourself without any distractions, and to become your own biggest champion.

Over the past few years, Sabrina Benaim toured nonstop across North America and beyond in support of her first book, Depression & Other Magic Tricks, performing, connecting with readers, and leading writing workshops. People constantly thank Sabrina for giving them the confidence and language they needed to acknowledge their own mental health struggles and ask for help, as well as for providing them with a safe refuge. Then, suddenly, Sabrina’s long-term relationship ended, the world went into lockdown, and her mother fell ill. Living alone in a different country, with nowhere else to go, Sabrina returned to the page.

Unfurling over the course of July 2020—a blisteringly hot month spent in isolation—and in 75 original poems, I Love You, Call Me Back dares to embrace loneliness in all its permutations: the sorrow of getting your mother’s voicemail when you call to say “I love you”; the bittersweetness when your dog takes up your ex’s side of the bed; the joy of eating ice cream for dinner and singing badly, loudly. Here, Sabrina attempts to work out who she is when nobody else is around, and she comes out the other side with a whole new sense of strength and self-worth.

I Love You, Call Me Back is an ode to Sabrina’s mom, a celebration of life in the face of so many unknowns, and the cathartic, healing balm we all need right now and for years to come. In her words, “Sometimes self-care is just surviving.” And that’s okay. Sabrina shows us that there’s beauty and courage in that, too.

I Love You, Call Me Back by Sabrina Benaim

SKU: 9780593185872