On Sale Date: April 5, 2022
ISBN 9780593225738, 0593225732
Hardcover | 32 pages


This love letter written from mother to child invites readers to experience a baby’s month-by-month development in the womb as compared to familiar fruits and vegetables.

A mother lovingly describes the sizes and stages of her baby’s month-by-month development inside the womb, and the amazement of experiencing it from the outside.

Look at you - as big as a banana!

Some of your cells formed into bones,

and your arms and legs grew longer.

I could feel you kick!

Sometimes when I rubbed my belly,

I felt you thump back.

Was that your way of saying hello?

Simple, age-appropriate facts are woven into a tender and lyrical text that celebrates the miracle of a baby. It demystifies and informs readers, while simultaneously appreciating the wonder of it all. A perfect read-aloud for mother and child, or for children whose mothers are pregnant with a younger sibling.

How You Came to Be by Carole Gerber, Sawsan Chalabi

SKU: 9780593225738