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On Sale Date: January 18, 2022
ISBN 9781683648130, 1683648137
Hardcover with dust jacket | 240 pages


Nurture healthier connections with this friendship detox, and create the boundaries you need for a more supportive relationship circle.

Friends hold an especially valuable role for women—few blessings have the ability to fuel us and inspire our joy. And even though we pride ourselves on our big friend networks, we can be afraid to rock the boat and ask for what we really need. So we often settle for friendships that take more than they give.

But does it really have to be this way?

“I wrote a whole book dedicated to critically analyzing how we spend our time,” Erin Falconer reflects, “and there are diets that ask us to write down everything we eat. So why shouldn’t we think about our friends as honestly and pragmatically?”

In How to Break Up with Your Friends, this celebrated life mentor explores the qualities of genuine friendships—and the deeper principles, assessments, and practices for nurturing them. With clear-eyed guidance, you’ll learn how to take stock of those currently in your life, see exactly how you are serving each other, deepen your essential friendships, and, ultimately, have the courageous conversations needed when it’s time to “break up” with others.

With a wealth of revelations and tools—including the Six Pillars of Friendship, the Friendship Diagnosis, and more—this is the relationship detox you didn’t know you needed, to create healthy and lasting friendships.

How to Break Up with Your Friends by Erin Falconer

SKU: 9781683648130
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