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Had It Coming is not a diatribe or manifesto, but an informed look at how attitudes around sexual behavior have changed and still need to change.
“As a culture we aren’t very good at having nuanced, complicated discussions,” Doolittle writes in her introduction. “The public space is not a safe venue to talk about controversial subjects. Social media has seen to that…I’ve come to embrace the complexities and messiness that comes with those tough conversations.”

Doolittle brings a personal voice to what has been a turning point for most women: the #MeToo movement and its aftermath. The world is now increasingly aware of the pervasiveness of rape culture in which powerful men got away with sexual assault and harassment for years, but Doolittle looks beyond specific cases to the big picture. The issue of “consent” figures largely: not only is the public confused about what it means, but an astounding number of legal authorities are too.  

Had it Coming by Robyn Doolittle

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