Ages 4 to 8, Grades P to 3
ISBN 9781635924251, 1635924251

Trade Paperback | 32 pages


EUREKA! Great things happen when science crosses history! Discover the all-true stories of your favorite inventions with this new multicultural STEM series that takes readers on a journey through time and around the world. A perfect choice for kids ages 4–8 who love to figure out how things work!

Without glasses, everything can be a blur! Here is a “biography” of glasses, an essential invention that helps people see clearly.

Ever since someone first noticed that a jar of water magnified what was behind it, people have worked to improve their vision. Glasses is a fun and informative look at an invention that makes a huge difference in our lives. This STEAM nonfiction title is part of the new Eureka! series, each book focusing on one groundbreaking, world-changing discovery that millions of people use every single day.

Series Overview: Eureka!—it’s the launch of a brand-new young science history series by Kane Press! Each book in the Eureka! series covers one groundbreaking, world-changing discovery from the first germ of an idea through the evolution into a modern product millions of people use every single day. Glasses, bicycles, cameras, the light bulb—for any kid who has ever wondered how they work and who invented them, Eureka! explains it all.

Glasses by Lori Haskins Houran, John Joven

SKU: 9781635924251