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Falkenberg, Camilla


ISBN 9780744085457, 0744085454
Hardcover | 192 pages


What if building your own personal wealth didn’t have to come at the expense of the planet?

Put your money where your mouth is when it comes to handling your finances and join the Female Invest trio on a mission to investigate sustainable stocks and funds, angel investing, and empowering initiatives—for both you and the planet. 

Cutting through the noise, this trusted resource will rationalize the vast scope of the term “sustainable investing” and consider how investments, funds, stocks, and shares can be responsible, ethical, green, and impactful—enabling you to partake in a truly circular economy. Ditching the jargon shrouding finance, this book will assess the pros and cons behind crowdfunding and crowdlending, navigate around the many pitfalls of greenwashing, and make building a more sustainable portfolio—that prioritizes the issues you really care about—accessible to everyone.

Girls Just Wanna Have Impact Funds

SKU: 9780744085457

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