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Pool, Katy Rose

9781250327949, 1250327946

Trade Paperback


In this romantic, edge-of-your-seat YA fantasy/mystery duology from Morris Award finalist Katy Pool, Veronica Mars meets a glitzy and gritty Gilded Age-inspired fantasy world in which cursebreaker Marlow pretends to be in love with a powerful noble as she searches for her missing mother.


Since fleeing glitzy Evergarden for the gritty Marshes, Marlow Briggs has become the best cursebreaker in Caraza City. But no matter how many cases she solves, she's still haunted by her mother’s disappearance.

When Adrius Falcrest, Marlow's old crush and scion of one of Caraza's most affluent spell-making families, asks her to help him break a curse, Marlow wants nothing to do with him . . . until she uncovers a new lead in her mother's case. Marlow reluctantly agrees to help Adrius so she can return to Evergarden society. To avoid drawing suspicion, Marlow and Adrius pretend to be madly in love. Soon, Marlow comes to learn that the truth behind Adrius’s curse and her mother’s disappearance may be clues to a larger mystery—one that could unravel the very foundations of Caraza and magic itself.

Garden of the Cursed

SKU: 9781250327949
Ships by June 18, 2024

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