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ISBN 9781335630995, 1335630996

Trade Paperback | 352 pages


Carina Adores is an LGBTQ+ category romance line that meets the growing consumer demand for more diverse and inclusive content.


For the Love of April French is a sparkling, sensual #ownvoices trans romance starring a transgender woman.


April French doesn't do relationships and she never asks for more.

A long-standing regular at kink club Frankie's, she's kind of seen it all. As a trans woman, she’s used to being the scenic rest stop for others on their way to a happily-ever-after. She knows how desire works, and she keeps hers carefully boxed up to take out on weekends only.

After all, you can't be let down if you never ask.

Then Dennis Martin walks into Frankie's, fresh from Seattle and looking a little lost. April just meant to be friendly, but one flirtatious drink turns into one hot night.

When Dennis asks for her number, she gives it to him.

When he asks for her trust, well…that's a little harder.

And when the desire she thought she had such a firm grip on comes alive with Dennis, April finds herself wanting passion, purpose and commitment.

But when their relationship moves from complicated to impossible, April will have to decide how much she's willing to want.

For the Love of April French: An LGBTQ Romance by Penny Aimes

SKU: 9781335630995

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