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On Sale Date: March 29, 2022
ISBN 9781797210667, 1797210661
Hardcover | 192 pages



Celebrate the special bonds between mothers and daughters through the stories of iconic families.

Minnie Riperton and Maya Rudolph. Judy Garland and Liza Minelli. Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, and Billie Lourd. These dynasties of powerful women not only inspire us as individuals, but also embody the complex and special connections between generations. Mothers often imagine their daughters will follow in their footsteps. But if your mom is a beloved star of stage or screen, how do you live up to her spectacular example? And when your daughters are major icons in music or sports, how do you cultivate your own dreams? The women in this book have lived exceptional lives, but their joys and struggles as families ring true for all of us. Whether supporting each other through rough patches, pursuing greatness hand in hand, or breaking free to forge their own destinies, these women show us the manifold ways a mom-daughter relationship can bloom. This keepsake volume features collaged portraits of the iconic women by contemporary artist Natasha Cunningham. It will be a touchstone for anyone navigating motherhood or daughterhood.

THE PERFECT GIFT BETWEEN MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS: From Mother's Day to birthdays, from weddings to the holidays, or for any occasion when you want to remind your mother or your daughter how truly extraordinary she is, this book makes the perfect gift.

A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON ICONIC WOMEN: Rock stars, Hollywood idols, and sporting legends: The women featured in this book are unparalleled in their fields. Not only are they glamorous; they are also creating positive change in the world, whether protecting endangered wildlife or breaking the glass ceiling. Fans will love seeing a more personal side of these icons and learning how their strong mother-daughter bonds helped catapult them to such great heights.

INSPIRING STORIES: These stories of women following their passions, overcoming the odds, and supporting each other are sure to inspire.

BEAUTIFUL KEEPSAKE: Throughout the book, stunning collage portraits by contemporary artist Natasha Cunningham bring each family's story alive. This is a truly special book to cherish and pass down through the generations.

Perfect for:

• Mother-daughter pairs
• New and expecting mothers
• Brides to be
• Women with big dreams
• Recent grads
• Artists and creatives

Extraordinary Mothers and Daughters

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