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Marvel, Mae

9781250894687, 1250894689

Trade Paperback


Hollywood glamor meets Tis the Damn Season in this irresistibly buzzy sapphic romance.

An actress home for the holidays makes a bet with her former best friend-turned-online sensation.

Katie Price is known in every living room in America. A small-town Wisconsin girl who became an A-list star, she rarely makes it home, but this year is different . . . Little does she know it will lead her straight into the piercing blue-eyed gaze of Wil Greene.

A lot has happened in the decade since those cold Wisconsin nights when Wil and Katie drove around in Wil’s Bronco senior year. Since then, Wil's law career hasn’t taken off. Her father passed away. And what started as a personal challenge—kissing a new person twice a week, every week—has made her a growing sensation, but her life is still stuck in phase one. Through the years, the two have never left each other's thoughts and desires, but now suddenly, they are back in each others' lives. Their reconnection is instantaneous and the passion is palpable...but can it stand the test of time?"

Witty, tender, and searingly sexy, Everyone I Kissed Since You Got Famous is an unforgettable romantic read for everyone who almost kissed their best friend. And then finally did.

Everyone I Kissed Since You Got Famous (Paperback)

SKU: 9781250894687

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