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Yolen, Jane


ISBN 9781623718152, 1623718155
Paperback | 32 pages

Curious Eeny Mole emerges from her dark hole home to discover the world up above.

There were once three sisters who lived at the bottom of a deep, dark hole. Their names were Eeny, Meeny, and Miney Mole. In that hole dark was light, day was night, and summer and winter seemed the same. The older sisters, Meeny and Miney, were happy in their hole. They loved the deep darkness of it, the soft dreaminess of it, the familiar tidiness of it. They did not ever want to leave.

One day Eeny Mole discovers something wonderful Up Above. And she goes exploring.

Eeny Up Above (Paperback)

SKU: 9781623718152
Expected to ship by Jan. 16, 2024

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