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When Danielle Geller’s mother dies of alcohol withdrawal during an attempt to get sober, Geller returns to Florida and finds her mother’s life packed into eight suitcases. Most are filled with clothes, except for the last one, which contains diaries, photos, letters, and a few undeveloped disposable cameras. Geller, an archivist and a writer, uses these pieces of her mother’s life to try and understand her mother’s relationship to home, and to challenge her family’s collective memory. Geller embarks on a journey to the four corners of the country in an attempt to understand her mother’s—and her own—relationship to home, and their shared need to leave."


Dog Flowers is an arresting, photo-lingual memoir that masterfully weaves together images and text to examine mothers and mothering, sisters and caretaking, and colonized bodies.

Dog Flowers by Danielle Geller

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