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Explore the incredible life and career of Nobel prize-winning scientist Marie Curie in this children’s biography.

Discover the inspiring story of Marie Curie—the scientist who made more than one world-changing discovery, and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize—in this fascinating kids’ biography.

Born to poor school teachers at a time when women could not attend university in her home country of Poland, Marie Curie sought out an underground university and worked hard to save money for further study in Paris. She made it to France, and continued to dedicate herself to science once she had graduated. In the search for new radioactive elements, she undertook physically exhausting work with materials that were later found to be incredibly dangerous. Having finally discovered polonium and radium, the Nobel Prize that should have been hers was first awarded to her husband—but Marie eventually won the fame she deserved.

This biography, ideal for kids aged 8-11, charts the major events of Marie’s life; from her childhood in Poland, when she discovered her love of science using the lab kit her father brought home from his school, to coining the term “radioactive,” to developing World War I mobile radiology units that helped treat countless injured soldiers.

DK Life Stories goes beyond the basic facts to tell the true life stories of history’s most inspiring people. Full-color photographs and hand-drawn illustrations complement age-appropriate, narrative text. Definition boxes, information sidebars, and inspiring quotes add depth, while a handy reference section at the back makes DK Life Stories the one biography series everyone will want to collect.

DK Life Stories: Marie Curie by Nell Walker

SKU: 9780744027624