ISBN 9780593129289, 0593129288
Trade Paperback | 384 pages


Discover the debut novel that “announces the arrival of a literary supernova” (The New York Times Book Review),“a drama of childhood that is as wild as it is intimate” (Chigozie Obioma).

In a sprawling Indian city, three friends venture into the most dangerous corners to find their missing classmate….

Down market lanes crammed with people, dogs, and rickshaws, past stalls that smell of cardamom and sizzling oil, below a smoggy sky that doesn’t let through a single blade of sunlight, and all the way at the end of the Purple metro line lies a jumble of tin-roofed homes where nine-year-old Jai lives with his family. When a classmate goes missing, Jai decides to turn detective and find him. But what begins as a game turns sinister as other children start disappearing from their neighborhood. As the disappearances edge ever closer to home, the lives of Jai and his friends will never be the same again.Drawing on real incidents and a spate of disappearances in metropolitan India, Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line captures the fierce warmth, resilience, and bravery that can emerge in times of trouble and carries the reader headlong into a community that, once encountered, is impossible to forget.

Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa Anappara

SKU: 9780593129289