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Belonging brings out the best in everyone. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, community organizer, or leader of any sort, your group is unlikely to thrive if the individuals don’t feel welcome, included, and valued for who they are.


The good news is that you can use design to create feelings of inclusivity in your organization: rituals that bring us together, spaces that keep us calm, roles that create a sense of responsibility, systems that make us feel respected, and more. You can’t force feelings, but in Design for Belonging, author and educator Susie Wise explains how to use simple levers of design to set the stage for belonging to emerge. For example, add moveable furniture to a meeting space to customize for your group size; switch up the role of group leader regularly to increase visibility for everyone; or create a special ritual for people joining or leaving your organization to welcome fresh perspectives and honor work well done.


Inspiration and stories from leaders and scholars are paired with frameworks, tools, tips, and concrete offerings, providing an opportunity to try on different approaches. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to spot where greater belonging is needed and actively shape your world to cultivate it—whether it’s a party, a high-stakes meeting, or a new national organization.

Design for Belonging by Susie Wise, Stanford, Rose Jaffe

SKU: 9781984858030