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Gonzalez Rose, Elle


A fresh, fun contemporary rom-com from debut author Elle Gonzalez Rose, about an aspiring artist who agrees to fake date one of his family’s longtime enemies in the hopes of gathering intel good enough to take down their rivals once and for all.

Devin Baez is ready for a relaxing winter break at Lake Andreas. That is, until he runs into his obnoxious next-door neighbors the Seo-Cookes, undefeated champions of the lake’s annual Winter Games. In the hope of finally taking down these long-time rivals, the Baezes offer up their beloved cabin in a bet. Reckless? Definitely.

So when annoyingly handsome Julian Seo-Cooke finds himself in need of a fake boyfriend, Devin sees an opportunity to get behind enemy lines and prove the family plays dirty.

As long as Devin and Julian’s families are at war, there’s only room for loathing between them. Which is a problem because, for Devin, this faux game of love is feeling very real.

Story Locale:Florida

Series Overview: Imprint Overview: Joy Revolution, an extension of Delacorte Press, is a BIPOC YA imprint cofounded by New York Times bestselling authors Nicola and David Yoon. Joy Revolution will tell stories with people of color as their heroes, each searching for love and living their lives on their own terms. It is a safe haven for readers to celebrate the full breadth of their humanity.

Caught in a Bad Fauxmance (Paperback)

SKU: 9780593645826

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