On Sale Date: December 7, 2021
ISBN 9780823450930, 0823450937
Trade Paperback | 32 pages



The first day of school can be scary—especially when no one else speaks your language.
Carmen wishes she was back in Mexico, where everyone spoke Spanish and she didn’t stand out. But a little bravery, a loving family, and a compassionate, determined teacher help Carmen find her way. Señora Coski’s Spanish is muy terrible, but that means Carmen knows she won’t laugh if her English sounds terrible, too.
Soon, Carmen is confident enough to join in lessons, games, and songs—and she starts to teach her classmates Spanish, too! Uno, dos, tres….
Brightly illustrated by Pura Belpré Honor illustrator Angela Dominguez, Carmen Learns English explores the frustrations and triumphs of a young immigrant learning a new language, and celebrates the ways in which we learn from one another.
For anyone worrying about their first day of school, this sweet, realistic picture book is sure to reassure and entertain.

Carmen Learns English by Judy Cox, Angela N. Dominguez

SKU: 9780823450930