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Pottle, Adam


ISBN 9781250821973, 1250821975
Hardcover Picture Book | 40 pages

A magical picture book about a Deaf girl who creates a butterfly with sign language and sends it on a journey around the world.


On the day of the talent show, Aurora's hands tremble. No matter how hard she tries to sign, her fingers stumble over one and another and the words just won't come. But as she’s about to give up, she spots a butterfly.

Using her hands to sign the ASL word for "butterfly," Aurora sends a magical butterfly of her own into the world, inspiring Deaf people across the globe to add their own. The butterflies grow in numbers and strength as they circle back to Aurora, bolstering her with the love and support of her worldwide Deaf community.

Deaf picture book creators author Adam Pottle and artist Ziyue Chen combine powerful text and sweeping art into a moving story of resilience and self-belief. Backmatter includes spread of full American Sign Language alphabet and an author's note.

Butterfly on the Wind

SKU: 9781250821973

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