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Chan, Suri


9781524892241, 1524892246

Trade Paperback


In But I Don't Feel Empowered, poet and artist Suri Chan harnesses the power of beautiful language and whimsical illustrations to speak on both the lighthearted and heartbreaking experiences that bind us.

But I Don’t Feel Empowered is Suri Chan’s debut collection of honest, free-verse and whimsically illustrated poems. She explores themes of heartbreak, womanhood, and trauma from the lens of a queer Asian woman coming of age.
This collection is earnest in its belief that healing is about accepting your emotions as they are. And in a world that asks you to be empowered at all times, it asks you to just be.
Deeply moving and thought-provoking, But I Don’t Feel Empowered solidifies Suri as an artist to watch and a voice to root for.

But I Don't Feel Empowered (Paperback)

SKU: 9781524892241

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