ISBN 9780823449361, 082344936X

Trade Paperback | 128 pages


Boogie Bass feels like he can’t do anything right, but when he joins an after-school American Sign Language club, he turns out to be a natural!

The After-School Superstars—Nixie Ness, Vera Vance, Nolan Nada, and Boogie Bass—are back in a new after-school adventure starring Boogie. He is clumsy and goofy, but now that he is at the American Sign Language camp at his school, he finds his hidden talent. He may not believe in himself, but the rest of his class does, especially when they visit a school for the Deaf and Boogie leads the way with his exuberant personality helping students to learn about each other and make new friends.

Vetted by an expert from Gallaudet University and complete with additional material full of facts about American Sign Language, Boogie Bass is an excellent addition to The After-School Superstar series. Each book features recurring characters and highlights one activity they do at their after-school program, along with illustrations in black and white. The series is perfect for fans of Judy Moody, Ivy and Bean, and Clementine.

Boogie Bass, Sign Language Star by Claudia Mills, Grace Zong

SKU: 9780823449361