Ages 10 And Up, Grades 5 And Up


On Sale Date: February 16, 2021
ISBN 9780399186783, 0399186786
Paperback | 256 pages


An emotional and uplifting debut about a girl named Jack and her gender creative little brother, Birdie, searching for the place where they can be their true and best selves.

After their mama dies, Jack and Birdie find themselves without a place to call home. And when Mama’s two brothers each try to provide one—first sweet Uncle Carl, then gruff Uncle Patrick—the results are funny, tender, and tragic.

They’re also somehow…spectacular.

With voices and characters that soar off the page, J. M. M. Nuanez’s debut novel depicts an unlikely family caught in a situation none of them would have chosen, and the beautiful ways in which they finally come to understand one another.

Birdie and Me by J.M. M. Nuanez

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