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Turnipseed, Erica Simone


ISBN 9781665900324, 1665900326
Hardcover Picture Book | 40 pages

Children discover the impact they can have when they band together in this picture book ode to how solidarity lifts everyone up.

Siblings Luna and Zion are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Big words keep rushing at them: Homelessness. Pandemic. Inequality. Recession. Unemployment.

They don’t understand the words, but grown-ups do, and the siblings can see how upset the words make them. Wanting to understand the words themselves, Luna and Zion spell them out with building blocks, but the words’ weight sends the blocks tumbling. So they recruit other kids to help them. Many hands make light work, and as the words are constructed from any materials the children can find, the words themselves grow lighter, and change: Equality. Kindness. Compassion. Liberty. Democracy. Freedom. Hope.

The words are still big, but not as heavy—ones everyone can carry, if we carry them together.

Bigger Than Me

SKU: 9781665900324
Expected to ship by September 12, 2023

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