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On Sale Date: November 22, 2022
ISBN 9781797203737, 1797203738
Novelty Book | 5 pages

This clever set of erasers, made to look a little stack of books, is perfect for bibliophiles!

Featuring the art of Jane Mount, this set of 4 rectangular erasers are set inside a die-cut box with their "spines" facing out to mimic the look of a bookstack. Each eraser's sleeve is decorated with bookish illustrations, featuring faux covers of classic books. Paired with the rest of the Bibliophile gift line, this colorful eraser set is an irresistible self-buy and a perfect gift for bibliophiles.

UNIQUE ERASER SET: Perfect for anyone who loves reading or writing, this eraser set looks like a delightful stack of books.

PERFECT FOR BIBLIOPHILES: Jane Mount really knows books—from genre fiction to classic literature, from cookbooks to contemporary nonfiction. Her deep knowledge and the charm of her illustrations will resonate with true book nerds. This eraser set, along with the rest of the stationery line, will be one that bibliophiles will be proud to use and gift.

BROAD APPEAL: Mount's art features a dynamic blend of bright colors, elegance, whimsy, and serious literary knowledge. Bibliophiles of all ages, genders, and reading preferences will gravitate toward these beautiful illustrations of their favorite subject.

BESTSELLING LINE: BIBLIOPHILE is bestselling book and was an Amazon Best of 2018 book! The Bibliophile gift line has appeared in over 30 gift guides.

ENTREPRENEURIAL AUTHOR WITH PLATFORM: Mount herself successfully sells a variety of bookish merchandise through her company Ideal Bookshelf. She sells through Etsy Wholesale and a few small rep companies, and her products are featured in about 150 stores, including some in Canada, the UK, and Australia. With her company Ideal Bookshelf, Mount has gathered a devoted following and garnered praise from the likes of Brainpickings, the New Yorker, and Vogue.

Bibliophile Erasers by Jane Mount

SKU: 9781797203737

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