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On Sale Date: August 30, 2022
ISBN 9781989025024, 1989025021
Paperback - with flaps | 400 pages



Learn 7 research-based practices to spark team-based change at all organizational levels and build a healthier, more just Next Economy.

We can co-create economic futures that work for us all

From rising inequality, to systemized oppression, and an increasing consolidation of wealth, it’s clear that work isn’t working for us anymore. Rather, it’s working for a select few. What changes can we implement at all levels of organizations, now, to make them healthier and more just?

Based on six years of research, Beloved Economies offers seven practices for individuals who are part of teams within enterprises—from businesses to nonprofits, farms, and after-school groups—to build economic realities of more purpose, meaning, and joy.

In their work with a range of communities and leading voices across the US who are building a next economy, research practitioners Jess Rimington and Joanna Cea have found that when individuals commit to these practices, they transform their enterprises to become more of an emerging system that expands economic imagination. Working in this way awakens us to the fact that our economies can be about mutual cooperation and should exist to facilitate our need to thrive.

Beloved Economies shows that large-scale change does not require a policy prescription or a degree in economics; it turns out intentionally transforming how we work on our teams is a powerful lever for broader economic change. Work can work for us all, and we can build an economic future that we can all love.

Beloved Economies by Jess Rimington, Joanna Levitt Cea

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