ISBN 9780061379093, 0061379093

Paperback | 304 pages


Jenna Bush’s extraordinary message of hope and survival.


“I want to be in a house without abuse. I am tired of the bruises that cover my body and the darkness in my heart. I wish my parents were here. Protect me, Dios. Protect us.”


This is Ana’s hope for the future. Her mother, father, and youngest sister all died from AIDS. Ana, HIV positive, is seventeen and pregnant. But Ana is living with HIV, not dying from it. She is determined to protect her child and break the cycle of silence, abuse, and illness. She wants to give her baby a better future.


Jenna Bush has written a powerful, personal account of a girl who fights against all odds to survive and thrive. Ana is a symbol of many children in peril, and Bush’s call to action will get teens involved and talking about important issues. The book also includes resources for helping others and where to get help if you need it. A portion of proceeds will go to UNICEF.

Ana's Story by Jenna Bush Hager, Mia Baxter

SKU: 9780061379093