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This 2nd edition features a reorder of 12 essay’s from the 1st edition by a more thoughtful consideration, to draw new connections between these powerful texts. in this, Johanna Hedva’s Sick Women Theory becomes an anchor point for the reading (or re-reading) of the second edition. Hedva’s text thoughtfully speaks to the intersections of who “sick women” are and how their “sickness” is prescribed by “our current regime of neoliberal, white-supremacist, imperial-capitalist, cis-hetero-patriarchy.” Each of the following authors speak to their own unique “sickness” that serve as a boundless source of strength, resistance and creative energy; in their reclamation of what would otherwise be disregarded as failure.

An Anthology on Failure, Vol. 1 by Be Oakley

SKU: 113868 D