On Sale Date: March 29, 2022
ISBN 9781250108104, 1250108101
Hardcover Picture Book | 32 pages



A rhyming, ABC adventure picture book that introduces readers to the most unique animals from around the world.

Incredible animals await in A Is for Axolotl—not the tame or the merely wild, but the strangest, most fascinating creatures of all!

Readers will join an alphabet adventure that spans the globe as they climb trees with the binturong (also known as the bearcat), glide through the rainforest canopy with the colugo, and deep dive with the Dumbo octopus. Get ready for close encounters with axolotls, binturongs, colugos, dumbo octopuses, echidnas, fossas, gerenuks, hyraxes, ibex, jerboas, kiwis, lorises, maned wolves, naked mole rats, okapis, pangolins, quokkas, red pandas, saigas, thorny dragons, uakaris, vaquitas, water bears, xenopus, yeti crabs, and zebra duikers.

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A is for Axolotl

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