Ages 9 to 12, Grades 4 to 7


ISBN 9780593325674, 0593325672
Hardcover | 400 pages

A heartfelt and hopeful debut about a bird-loving autistic child whose family’s unusual nest is in danger of falling apart.

Axel loves everything about birds, especially eagles. No one tells an eagle what to do or worries that it will fly too far and not come home—two things Axel’s mother worries he’ll do. Deep down Axel knows that his mother is like an osprey—the best of all bird mothers—but it’s hard to remember that when she worries and keeps secrets about important things. His dad is more like a wild turkey. He left Axel and his mom five months ago.

Despite all this, Axel loves his life—especially the time he spends with his friends observing the eagle’s nest in the woods near his home. But when a tornado damages not only Axel’s home but the eagle’s nest, Axel’s life is thrown into chaos. Suddenly his dad is back to help repair the damage, and Axel has to manage his dad’s presence and his beloved birds’ absence. Plus his mom seems to be keeping even more secrets.

Axel must summon the courage of an eagle and help heal his family and the nest he loves.

A Bird Will Soar by Alison Green Myers

SKU: 9780593325674